January 12, 2009, Corona, Calif., Beech 95-A55 Baron


The airplane departed the runway during takeoff at about 1215 Pacific time and collided with two parked airplanes and a hangar. The private pilot was not injured; the airplane sustained substantial damage. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed.

According to the pilot, who later stated he had 45 hours in multiengine airplanes but did not possess a multiengine rating, once the airplane climbed to approximately 20 feet AGL it began to bank right. It subsequently collided with a parked Navion and a Cessna 182. The accident airplane and the Cessna 182 continued about 60 feet across the ramp, both coming to rest against a hangar.

A witness stated the winds prior to the accident were gusty, and throughout the day he observed the windsock swing back and forth between the runway heading and an angle perpendicular to the runway.


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