January 17, 2009, Farmington, N.M., Beech A36 Bonanza


At 1858 local time the airplane was substantially damaged after departing the side of the runway. The solo private pilot was not injured although the airplane was substantially damaged. Visual conditions prevailed.

The pilot later stated he positioned the gear handle in the “down” position, but the three position lights did not activate, so the pilot radioed the control tower and requested an visual inspection of the landing gear. After performing a low approach, tower personnel responded the landing gear appeared to be down. After touchdown, the gear collapsed, the pilot lost control of the airplane and it exited the runway.

Subsequent investigation revealed various work was performed on the landing gear in December. An examination of the work determined the left main landing gear retract rod was installed incorrectly and failed on the accident flight. The landing gear transmission/motor limit switch was damaged and rendered inoperative.


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