January 18, 2010, Elyria, Ohio, Mitsubishi MU-2B-60


At 1405 Eastern time, the airplane was destroyed when it impacted terrain during an instrument approach. The pilot, copilot, and two passengers received fatal injuries. Instrument conditions prevailed.

At about 1349, the crew executed a missed approach to the destination airport and requested an extended downwind prior to executing another ILS. A witness reported seeing the airplane as it descended out of the clouds. He stated it was in a nose-low attitude, rolling into a steep left turn with the wings at almost a 90-degree position relative to the ground. He stated a “huge cloud of snow” was created by the subsequent impact. When it cleared, he observed the airplane wreckage at the west end of the airport property. He stated the accident sequence happened very fast-“in the blink of an eye.” Observed weather at the destination included: Winds 240 degrees at nine knots, two miles visibility, mist and an overcast at 500 feet.


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