July 12, 2010, Chapel Hill, N.C., Cirrus SR20


At 1513 Eastern time, the airplane collided with pine trees and a perimeter fence after veering off the runway. Visual conditions prevailed. The private pilot was killed, the front-seat passenger received serious injuries and the rear-seat passenger received minor injuries.

According to the rear seat passenger, the flight was uneventful until landing. The airplane touched down on the runway, “hopped” back into the air, touched back down again and hopped twice more before making a final landing on the runway about midfield. The pilot applied power, and the airplane went off the left side of the runway, collided with some trees and a fence, then came to a complete stop. A witness reported, “The airplane appeared to be coming in faster than usual for a small plane and according to the windsock beside the runway; the plane was landing with the wind not against it.”


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