July 23, 2008, Longmont, Colo., Beech 35-C33A Debonair


At 1008 Mountain time, the airplane was substantially damaged when its engine lost power and it landed short of the runway. Visual conditions prevailed. There were no injuries to the pilot and his passenger. According to the pilot, he was on final approach and, when he tried to adjust the power setting with throttle, the engine did not respond. He made a forced landing on uneven terrain short of the runway.

The pilot told inspectors all fuel tanks were full two days earlier when he departed Longmont, Colo., for Salt Lake City, Utah. The next day, July 22, he flew to Wendover, Utah. The day of the accident, he was returning to Longmont.

Both tip tanks were ruptured, the left main tank was empty, and the right wing tank had some fuel.” There was no fuel odor or stains on the ground.


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