July 3, 2010, Fairfield, Penn., Piper PA-25-235/Schleicher ASW-27


At about 1315 Eastern time, the Piper collided with the stationary glider, N747GW while landing. Both aircraft sustained substantial damage. There were no injuries. Visual conditions prevailed.

The Pipers pilot reported he “couldnt get the brakes to work” after touchdown and intentionally ground looped the airplane to prevent running into people and other parked aircraft. This caused the airplane to turn sharply left and impact the glider, which was awaiting launch.

The glider pilot stated the Piper “appeared to be landing long” and “too fast” before turning towards the glider. The airplane impacted the glider from behind the left wing, forcing it off the runway. Several feet of the gliders left wing were separated on impact by the airplanes propeller and its rudder was cut in half. The airplane pilot reported that personnel who towed the airplane after the accident found its brakes to be operational.


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