July 6, 2007, Groesbeck, Texas, Socata TB-20


At approximately 1143 Central time, the airplane was destroyed on impacting terrain following a loss of control. The Instrument-rated Commercial pilot and sole occupant was fatally injured. Instrument conditions prevailed. The Waco Approach Control received a distress call from the pilot moments before losing radar contact.

All major components of the airplane were accounted for at the accident site. A review of Nexrad radar for the area included an area of heavy precipitation in close vicinity of the accident site along the intended route of flight. A county trooper reported heavy rain limiting the visibility around the time of the mishap in the general area of the accident site. The weather-reporting station was 31 nm northwest of the accident scene. At the time of the crash, the facility reported winds from 010 degrees at nine knots, 10 statue miles visibility and an overcast ceiling at 3000 feet.


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