June 13, 2009, Gilford, N.H., Cessna 177 RG


At about 1614 Eastern time, the airplane was substantially damaged during a forced landing in a hotel parking lot shortly after takeoff. Visual conditions prevailed. The airline transport pilot-the aircrafts new owner-was fatally injured.

The previous owner flew the airplane to the maintenance facility for a pre-purchase/annual inspection. All discrepancies were complied with and the airplanes airframe, propeller and engine logbook were signed off to be in an airworthy condition. Numerous witnesses reported there was “no engine noise” during the accident sequence Several witnesses reported seeing “large quantities of fuel” coming out of the wings and seeing smoke from the engine area. There was no rotational scoring on the propeller blades or the spinner. Approximately two ounces of oil were extracted from the engine. The engine was fractured along its entire longitudinal axis; however, there was no evidence of oil in the vicinity of the fracture.


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