June 15, 2010, Parowan, Utah, Schleicher Ash 26E/Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2CT


The two gliders were involved in a midair collision at 1533 Mountain time. Neither pilot was injured. Both pilots were the sole occupants of their respective gliders. The Ash 26E sustained substantial damage, but the Ventus 2CT was not damaged. Both pilots were operating in visual conditions. Both gliders departed Parowan about three hours prior to the collision, and Parowan was the planned final destination for both pilots.

The pilots were in a glider competition task requiring them to fly to a point about 90 miles northeast of Parowan and then to return for landing. After reaching the turnaround point, they entered the same thermal and began to climb. During their first full 360-degree turn in the thermal, the left wing of the Ash 26E and the nose of the Ventus 2CT came in contact. The impact separated the outboard three feet of the Ash 26Es wing, but the Ventus 2CT remained undamaged. The pilots of both gliders were able to return to Parowan, where they both completed uneventful landings.


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