June 6, 2010, Marble, Colo., Beech G35 Bonanza


The airplane was substantially damaged at approximately 0715 Mountain time upon impacting terrain while maneuvering to land. The private pilot was fatally injured, one passenger was seriously injured and one passenger sustained minor injuries. Visual conditions prevailed.

Both passengers reported the local flight was uneventful until the airplane attempted to land. The airplane was flying into the sun, making it difficult to see the runway. The pilot reported he had “overshot” the landing area and began a left turn. The airplanes flight path headed towards rising terrain and the passengers stated that the pilot initiated a climb at the last moment, but was not successful. The airplane collided with several tall aspen trees before impacting terrain. The passengers both stated that the engine sounded normal throughout the flight and the pilot did not remark about any aircraft malfunction.


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