March 10, 2011, Bakersfield, Calif., Cessna 208B Grand Caravan


The airplane experienced a loss of directional control and impacted unoccupied parked vehicles at about 0745 Pacific time while taxiing to parking. The airline transport pilot was not injured but the airplane was substantially damaged. During the impact sequence, the left wing spar was broken, and a skin panel was ripped open a few feet outboard of the fuel tank. Visual conditions prevailed for the cargo flight.

The pilot reported that the airplanes brakes and steering system had operated normally during his taxi for departure. After landing, he made one right and one left turn without anomaly. According to the pilot, he applied “full right braking action in order to make the aircraft turn and avoid a collision” with vehicles left of the aircraft. However, the airplane did not adequately respond to his control input, and the required right turn was not successfully completed. A witness observed the airplane taxi toward the unloading area and the collision. The witness reported the airplanes taxi speed had appeared normal throughout its approach and final turn.


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