March 19, 2010, Morton, Wash., Cirrus Design SR22


The airplane collided with trees and terrain at about 1910 Pacific time, sustaining substantial damage. The private pilot was killed and the passenger sustained serious injuries. Visual conditions prevailed.

The passenger stated that while the airplane was in cruise flight, the pilot suddenly placed his hands on the controls, told her that the engine had lost power, and they were going to land at a nearby airport. He entered a steep right turn toward the airport. The passenger could not recall hearing anything unusual at the time of the event. The pilot remained calm throughout the approach to the airport and reassured the passenger during the descent they would land safely. The passenger indicated the pilot had discussed the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) with her prior to the trip and showed her how to activate it in the event of an emergency. The passenger reported the pilot did not attempt to activate CAPS during the flight. Approximately seven gallons of fuel were drained from the left wing fuel tank. The right fuel tank was breached.


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