November 17, 2010, Avon Park, Fla., Cessna M337B


At about 2053 Eastern time, the airplane-originally built as an O-2A for the U.S. Air Force-impacted terrain following an in-flight separation of the right wing. The commercial pilot and two pilot-rated crewmembers were killed. Night instrument conditions were present for the flight, which provided aerial support to a U.S. Air Force training exercise.

The flight was returning to its base after weather began to deteriorate. A preliminary examination of infrared satellite images for the period showed a short east-to-west band of cumulus congestus type clouds, with rain shower activity, near the area of the accident site. The flight was instructed to report a two-mile, but was not heard from again. A search and rescue response was initiated and the wreckage was located about 0118 the next day.

The main wreckage included the left and right tail booms, vertical stabilizers and rudders, horizontal stabilizer, elevator, and a section of the left wing. Two sections of the right wing were found about 800 feet northwest of the main wreckage impact crater. Another section of the right wing was found about 330 feet northwest of the impact crater.


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