November 4, 2009, Show Low, Ariz., Beech C-99


The airplane sustained a bird strike at about 0750 Mountain time while on approach to land. The commercial pilot sustained minor injuries; the airplane sustained damage to the left front pilot windshield. Visual conditions prevailed for the Part 135 all-cargo flight.

While in a descent at an altitude of 11,000 feet msl, a bird impacted the upper part of the captains windshield, breaking a football-size hole in it. A considerable amount of blood, tissue matter and windshield fragments came into the cockpit. The captain suffered facial lacerations, bruising and additional lacerations to his chest.

The pilot continued his approach and landed safely despite a nearly opaque windscreen. He made radio calls in the blind with the handheld microphone but was unable to hear any response due to wind noise.


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