November 5, 2009, Ft Pierce, Fla., Grumman Aircraft Eng. Corp. G-111


At about 1534 Eastern time,the airplane was substantially damaged during a forced landing while attempting to return to the departure airport. Day visual conditions. The two pilots and one additional crew member received minor injures.

The captain subsequently reported that, during initial climb, he commanded the gear to be retracted. Shortly after the gear handle was placed in the “UP” position, he heard a loud “bang followed by three to four smaller bangs.” The first officer confirmed the left engine was the affected engine and immediately feathered the propeller. The right engine was producing the maximum power available but the airplane was began a slight descent. The captain attempted to return to the airport for an emergency landing but was unable to maintain altitude. Instead, a landing was attempted on a perimeter road, impacting the airport fence in the process. The captain further reported that both engines had less than 20 hours since overhaul.


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