October 13, 2006, Burbank, Calif. / Gulfstream G1159B (GIIB


The airplane was not damaged when it rolled into the EMAS (Engineered Materials Arresting System) area at the departure end of Runway 8 after landing at 1134 Pacific time. The two pilots and five passengers were not injured. Visual conditions prevailed. The landing was normal and the airplane continued down the runway, slowing to taxi speed. At the end of the runway, the captain attempted to turn the airplane 180 degrees to exit the runway. As he powered up to make the turn, the nose wheel entered the EMAS and immediately sank. The captain indicated that the EMAS system was not depicted on the airport diagram or the Jeppesen approach plate for the airport. The FAA NACO airport diagram depicted the EMAS at the departure end of Runway 8. The Jeppesen approach chart depicted the EMAS at the departure end of Runway 26.


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