October 22, 2006, Rocky Mount, N.C. / Cessna 182T


The airplane was destroyed by impact and a post-crash fire at 1535 Eastern time. Instrument conditions prevailed. The Private pilot and passenger received fatal injuries. An airport employee stated that the weather at the time was light rain, fog and mist, and that winds were light and favoring Runway 4. The employee stated that he could not see the airplane on approach until it broke through the clouds, at approximately 600 to 700 feet agl, and it was well left of the runway centerline. The airplane then climbed back into the clouds and departed the area to the northwest. The airplane collided with the ground in a nose-down attitude, creating a debris path 317 feet in length and 100 feet wide. The initial impact point with the ground left a crater six feet in diameter and four feet deep.


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