October 3, 2007, Walthourville, Ga., Piper PA-28-181


The airplane collided with trees and the ground at 1959 Eastern time while maneuvering. Night marginal visual conditions prevailed; the airplane was destroyed. The non-instrument-rated private pilot and one passenger were fatally injured.

A review of ATC radar data revealed the airplane was at 3000 feet and was observed to turn right and descend to 2000 feet and start a left turn at 1957:05. At 1957:14 the airplane turned to the right and descended to 1900 feet. At 1957:47 the airplane started a left turn and descended to 1100 feet. The last radar contact was at 1958:20 when the airplane was at 400 feet. Local weather at the nearby destination airport included an “overcast, rain and fog with no visible light.”


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